Public Education (The Interviews)

On the inaugural episode #SundayCivics, L. Joy shares who and what inspired her to create the podcast and interviews three amazing educators on the history and role of public education in our society.

The current public education debate is centered around the pros and cons of charter schools, school choice, vouchers and the common core however majority of Americans don’t know the basics such as how schools are funded, how schools are managed or how we can effectively make change in public education.


Dr. Lester Young, New York State Regent At Large: (17:14)

Dr. Young takes us on a Public Education journey! Beginning with Thomas Jefferson’s quote regarding a nation and ignorance, Dr. Young lays out the historical context, bridges the gap between what you may think Public Education is and the reality. He then brings this conversation through to today’s current discussions on school choice and where our next steps lie to equality.

Adriana Villavicencio, PhD, of The Research Alliance for New York City Schools: (38:48)

Dr. Villavicencio delves into public education policy and the role the federal government plays in protecting the rights of students and ensuring educational equity. She also describes how teachers, students and the community can make a huge difference in the system.

Rudolph “Rudy” Crew, President of Medgar Evers College: (59:30)

Drawing on his extensive experience as a teacher and historic leadership roles in diverse school districts across the country, President Rudy Crew discusses how our public education system intersects with our economy and how the structure of the institution needs to change to benefit students and our overall society.

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