#BlackWomenLead and Grading Your Legislators

The growing political power of Black women, China ain’t taking our…trash and L. Joy gives a civics lesson on how to grade your legislators.

A few of the civic related stories we discussed on the show that you may have missed in mainstream media. Follow the hashtag #CivicDocket on Twitter or view more here.

#BlackWomenLead & #BlackWomenVote – 37:55
Black women in Alabama showed up at the polls and showed out. We discuss the growing political power of Black women and what political parties need to do to invest and support in our leadership.

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How to Grade Your Legislators – 52:19

How often do you communicate with the people who represent you? L. Joy urges you to #TakeCivicAction before the New Year and send your elected representatives a report card. Drop them a letter, postcard or email and let them know if you think they are properly representing you.

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